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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We're still the #1 WILDCATS!

Today's North American Solar Challenge award ceremony was held at the Calgary Zoo. We arrived an hour earlier to look around the zoo.
Tucson is definitely missing a zoo.

The food was sponsored by SolarWorld which were the Germany's main sponsor which consisted of salad, burgers, corn and dessert.

It was a deja vu moment for me as it reminded of NASC 2005. I was happy that we were able to have such a reliable car both mechanically and electrically for a 3 year old car.

The first awards that were handed out were the observer awards which were traditionally handed out. We of course received the "Cinderella Watch Award" for being late at the check points. This was due to our very aggressive approach in trying to push our car to it's very limit. Anyways we still beat the other 2 Wildcats in the race.

It's 9 pm now, we just cleaned out all the support vehicles and packed the trailer for our long trip back to Tucson....


Tony M said...

Congrats Wildcats. Get back safely. Take your time and have fun.

race cars said...

Very acceptable one.