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Sunday, July 6, 2008

First Day of NASC activity

After a luxurious start today, the team headed over to the Motorsport Ranch, which is where most of the NASC Scrutineering and qualifying activity will be occurring. Most of the afternoon was spent working on the car (...this was a common pursuit among the teams present). We also had a chance to converse with the other teams and size up the competition, as it were. Drifter accumulated some compliments, especially in regards to the seating (hooray for driver comfort!). Team registration began in the late afternoon, followed by checking in the drivers. Some teams came and went, such as the Germans, while others were camping out at the racetrack. A few of the 30 teams registered were not in attendance, but hopefully they will appear in the next few days.

Finally, one curious fellow from a Midwestern team (Minnesota, perhaps?) asked is if our school mascot was the Sun Devil, and whether the tips on the canopy represented the tines of a pitchfork. Suffice it to say, we quickly corrected his misconceptions and explained that the canopy was intended to resemble a Wildcat, and that we were not the Tempe Normal School...

From 1st day of NASC

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Pete Brown said...

Hello Team,

I've been watching the scrutineering progress, and it looks like things are going quite well. How about an update? Solar racing fans back here at UA would love to hear some stories of the triumphs and tribulations the team is going through.


Pete Brown
Editor, College of Engineering, UA