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Saturday, July 12, 2008


Hi all this is Wei-Ren,

We successfully qualified all four of our drivers: Hannah, Armando, Justin and Arshed, and our car for the 2400 miles race to Calgary. All the long hours in the lab to prepare the electrical system in the car ready definitely paid off as it was the first few things during inspection that passed.

Now all we have to do is prepare our support vehicles and finish some last minute details on the solar car.

We will be starting 9th on the grid tomorrow morning.
Unfortunately the organizers do not have real time GPS data that they did in 2005 so you will not know where we are unless we blog it.

The team is very happy that we can get on our "unfinished business" from 2005.
On a side note, I'm pretty stressful right now with all the last minute issues with the battery protection system and the miscellaneous small details that I have to finish up.

Tonight will be a long night looking at our first leg and strategy...


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Great...I'm watching NBC Today Show hoping to see the start of the race...

Have fun!